13 reasons why

So, I might be behind the times … dunno really …

But I did a binge watch of ’13 Reasons Why’ over the past couplely days. I guess it’s not for the faint hearted … but …


Now wheres that conversation at??

I’m guessing it’ll rattle a few cages … but the gutts I got out of it was this:

  • Be Your Truth, and respect the fact that it won’t look or sound like someone elses truth.
  • Don’t take whats Not Yours or you feel Entitled too. Period.
  • No matter the shit that hits You … Never stop fighting.
  • But if you should stop fighting … Make Your Final Punch, a fucking memorable one!
  • And bottom line … Stop being cunts to one another.

It’s not nice to be a cunt.  And unless you’re Trump, there’s no amount of money being paid out for being a cunt, that makes being a cunt, worth it!

Or worth someones life.

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‘banshee’ time bitch!


Woke up thinking about my asshat doctor and my forms he still hasn’t filled out! Grrr

Think I’ve been watching too much ‘Banshee’ though; having visions of busting into his office with my glock and samurai sword and kicking his procrastinating ass till he’s filled those fuckers in!!!

Alternative is the Health and Disability Commission and a formal complaint … the former seems so much simpler!!

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