me & bumble bees

did i tell yah

i love

the humble

bumble bee?

well, i do.

wanna know why?

according to some


scientific dude,

these little creatures,

shouldn’t be able to fly.


their little fat

fuzzy bodies,

should be to heavy

for their

petite little


but even though

some old fart

decided, in his

infinite wisdom,

that the aero-dynamics

of it all

just don’t

add up,

they fly

just fine,


so why do i

like ’em so much?

because they defy

the odds.

they are what

they are,

no matter what

any cunt decides

they should be(e).





my jam, tis

my jam.

no one elses,

just mine.








Homai to Aroha


Strange old times … shits good … but shits strange. Good, strange lol.

My art has always been a bit of a love hate relationship … but I think thats because it’s my emotion … and it’s about the only way I know how to do emotion.

I can bullet point emotion … and possibly even explain it from a cognitive point.

But I don’t feely feelings.

And up until recently I thought that was ‘wrong’; because the ‘quo’ will tell us that we should be less compartmentalised and all balanced and whole and shit.

And … then I figured out that that is some bullshit.

Don’t know whether it’s more colonial bullshit or just bullshit made up by some wanker who thought they were right.

How do I know its bullshit?

Because none of Us is the same. Not even slightly. We all process experiences differently … even hear differently lol … thinking of the latest Yanny versus Laurel debate haha.

None of us Do the same … doesn’t it then go figure that we are going to do emotion differently?

Well it does to Me now … and I’m Ok with it.

My art is my ‘feeling’, and embracing that has made Me appreciate my process more, instead of dreading it.


kpm © : ig @kpm-artist




I like Bees. I’ve written about my bee-love before … basically though, besides their furry fluffy little bumble bodies … a bumble bee supposedly shouldn’t be able to fly because some old white dude reckons the bees wing composition isn’t sturdy enough for his aforementioned furry fluffy little bod.

But the humble little bumble does his thang anyway.

Fuck em he reckons, and flies his own course :)

This little dude was my attempt at mindfulness today … I got a little sidetracked on my bee admiration but oh well. And this little critter was super hard to photograph. He was on a pollen mission and wasn’t spending much time on each little daisy before he buzzed off to the next.

I looked like a fine freak hoping all over the place trying to be all peaceful and shit and trying my best to get a decent photograph of the little fucker :)

But it was worth it … and it made Me smile!


kpm ©