my will … simplified.

i had a long winded entry here … typically ‘me’, with all my requests & ‘hopes’ @ control after death.

somewhere over the last few months, i’ve realised, there aint shit that you can do after you’ve croaked. not for yourself & not for those that love you.

& for those that love you (if you’re lucky enough to have any of those), how they chose to grieve you is all they have in that moment after you’ve gone.

so i guess i should pretty much leave them too it ;)

see, i’ll always be where my babies are … where their babies are. in life or death, i’ll always watch over them as best i can & protect them the best i can.

i love them more than any thing in or out of this world. & i’m pretty sure they know that, which means: my job here is done!

oh, & practically, for my poppets … do whatever the fuck yous like with my shit. theres another post (search: my will or death lol) in here somewhere about practical shit if you actually want practical / cheap advise lol … you’re welcome.

oh, & i got rid of the hard copy, theres just this one. & the usernames & passwords to my shit are the same / combos of what they’ve always been … if you can’t figure them out … oh well lol.

love yous my darlings! see yous later! mwahhhh xx


kpm ©


u will, will not

you thought, didja

i will

will not

don’t do

wotcha want, me too


No, is what I do




fake, not


No, is the

go too


Get used to it


I will not do

Wotcha want me to do

that’s it. move along.