reconciling the hormones #48

Dude, I don’t even know what to say …


#meme is a cartoon depiction of a biological woman in your swim suit, walking down a snow filled street; in her slippers, also looking rather stressed and hot – pushing a trolly with a generator and fan on it.

The caption reads: Kathy’s hot flashes were becoming severe.


reconciling the hormones #47

I actually have a sneaky suspicion that this is partially true!



By All Means, Be Your True, Authentic Self. Unless That’s a Rapist.

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A most excellent and straight to the point article by Shannon @ Just how I like them ❤

My Only Path to Power

If you’re spending your time arguing that a nurse has the right to get his hands in a woman’s vagina when she doesn’t want them there, you are a rape apologist. If you think she should drop her pants without complaint for any and all who feel qualified to get into them, even if she’s uncomfortable, then you are a rape apologist. If you recast her discomfort as bigotry, that is rapey as fuck.

News flash: A woman’s vagina is not a public service and her refusal to make it available is never “unfair.” Any and all decisions she makes about its availability or lack thereof are valid.

News flash: No one has the right to touch another person without her consent. Not if they’re in a medical setting, not because you don’t like their definition of “gender,” not because the rebuffed person feels offended or denied. News flash: You wouldn’t…

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xo ~ beyonce

XO ~ Beyonce, 2013


reconciling the hormones #45



#meme is of a close up photograph of a cat hissing.

The caption reads:

Menopause. It’s a thin line between love and homocide.


On Golliwogs and Barbie dolls – and liberal double standards

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Another brilliant article by “Writing by Renee”.

writing by renee

Nip it in the bud. It’s a good principle, when it comes to expressions of injustice in general – and the Golliwog dolls recently resurfaced in a store on Waiheke island, New Zealand, in particular. While Golliwog dolls are not exactly a norm in New Zealand the way they are in, say, the Netherlands – we don’t want them back. Resisting them is also a way to remember their history, their connections to the institution of slavery, and their real symbolism and its impacts. This conversation not only keeps the dolls out of circulation, it makes us more sensitive to the racist caricature generally. So let’s have it.

At the same time, I cock my head sideways at liberals who love these conversations because of how comfortable they are, considering that we tend to think of the Golliwog doll as a bygone product of a bygone era. Boy does a…

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reconciling the hormones #44

Slightly derogatory … but pretty bloody accurate at the moment 😉


reconciling the hormones #43

Alright, all jokes aside …

This is like one of those rollercoasters (which I have avoided for most of my life!) that just won’t quit!

It’s like 1,000 shades of emotion all in the space of an hour … with 5  minutes rest .. and then right back to the beginning again!!


say what?



reconciling the hormones #41

Guess who found the Menopause jokes 😉


#meme is a cartoon picture of a biological woman ordering a coffee and a cafe. The heading on the counter reads: New! The Menopause Special.

She says to the barista:

I’ll have the cafe mocha vodka xanax latte to go, please.