365 reasons to smile ~ 72.

72. Go Iceland! Maybe the rest of us women round the world should do the same thing! What’s the bet we could achieve world peace in a couple hours! 😄

#throwback Mar 12, 2016. Awesome!

 #meme is a photograph of a large crowd of people.

The caption reads: On October 24, 1975, the women of Iceland went on strike for equal rights. 90% of women walked off their jobs and out of their homes, shutting down the entire country. Parliament passed a law guaranteeing equal pay. Five years later, Iceland elected the world’s first woman President. Now Iceland has the highest gender equality in the world.


art ~ print [2016]


from pts(d) expression series #10 – Oct 30, 2016 @ 01:56

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saturday love ~ cherrelle & alexander o’neal

Saturday Love ~ Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal, 1985


freestyle: re write – thirty three

all my work is a physical process of responding, resistance and re-narrating.

it is a punch in the ribs

it is supposed to wind you

it is a reality check

it is a rewiring

a re learning

a re-issuing of what you thought you knew

and what i now know

it isn’t supposed to be pleasant

it is supposed to be hard work

all good lessons are

it annoys me that there is a scale of how to react, a prejudice, a reason, even a conversation imposed on Us as to how ‘we’ should have been, reacted, changed, responded, etc etc

there is no right way or wrong way.

it is what it is

and i’d like to see you do it gracefully

from pts(d) expression series #101 – Jan 28, 2017 @ 08:00

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re write ~ thirty one

“thats not yours, you can’t do that …”



*thinking of our recent debates re a pakeha woman having a moko kauae done.

I haven’t had a lot to say on the matter … and may choose to say something / or not, later … but I was interested in the surrounding conversations on the topic and that once again, WE have a say in anothers personal physical appearance / space / world view / way of being.*

whakairo – pikorauru

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re write ~ twenty four

“thats a little ‘out there'”

as opposed to?

*usually said to deter one from wearing or doing something that makes the speaker feel ‘uncomfortable’*

from pts(d) expression series #52 – Dec 10, 2016 @ 08:00

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re write ~ twenty two

“1 in 3 women will experience some type of violence within their lifetime.”

Thats what they say … thrown out there like it’s some kind of justification – reason – okay-ness.

When you read that little stat does it make you wanna fuck up the world and put shit right?

Or does it make you go … ‘Oh dear … thats not cool’

Or does it make find ‘reasons’ … ‘what did they do? must be in the wrong place? bet they are brown …’

‘a stat is a waste of fucking time if it just justifies’

from pts(d) expression series #150 – Mar 18, 2017 @ 08:01

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re write ~ twenty one

Just gonna leave this little stat here:

“1 in 3 women will experience some type of violence within their lifetime.”

I got beef with it and I’ll respond in due course.

from pts(d) expression series #36 – Nov 25, 2016 @ 08:03

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365 reasons to smile ~ 40.

40. This wahine! Exercising her right to protest 😆

#throwback Feb 9, 2016 … Yaassss! xo image


unfucking thyself 101.89




Homai to Aroha



Ohh, another ‘WTF is that mate’ moment :)

I am thrilled to officially announce (drum roll please), that I am OFF the Electoral Roll!

I know Right … what the figety fuck … Let Me Explain (once again: an explanation of the Me variety is Not a Reason to qualify, quantify or give justification to something I do … ) :

Hmmmm. So I’ve been waiting for this for awhile. I actually started enquiring about having my name taken off the roll before the last elections, but as typical bearaucratic bullshit would have it, it’s taken this long to get it off completely.

I’ve been on the Unpublished Roll for like 15 or so years, and ended up on it due to some stalker at my girls school, who’d drive around at night and try and find where we lived … ewww, that was not a cool year …

But anyway, back then, I thought voting was not just a right / freedom blah blah, but a legal requirement. I hadn’t thought to ask, and definitely hadn’t looked into it at all … this was at the beginning of my Decolonisation journey …

And I swallowed whole-heartedly what I had been sold … that but voting and staying abreast of the current political who-ha, that having a say and being ‘active’ within my community, (Note: Active, Not Activist … GOVT don’t like the latter …) then I would be able to ‘make a difference’ for the multi-cultured, multi-layered New Zealand that I lived in, and was raising my children in.

Pffft. What a fucking joke.

Enter 2017: after a very long journey with Decol, responding, racism oozing from all corners of the universe, misogyny doing the ooze as well … watching our repugnant government ram the same lies down the throats of My people … and them swallowing it hook line and sinker. We had over 8-10 years (I stopped counting how long they’d been in government when they started selling our water …) of a ruthless national government, only interested in money and not interested in the human misery cost; wielding their big stick and desecrating what was left of an already vulnerable society.

The society I refer to, is Ours … the Brown Womans one.

What was interesting about this decimation, was it was felt by white-middle-to-upper-class NZ. So those of us that had been at the bottom of the stats for a very long time; who had gotten used to it, but more importantly had figured out how to live within, with and away from ‘it’ – were able to sit back and watch middle NZ whine about losing their jobs and having to line up for the unemployment and how humiliating it was … how they couldn’t afford to pay their mortgages or pay for food … or pay extra on the power bill … or their kids were wearing last seasons clothes … OMG …

And from my arm chair I’m thinking, ‘cry me a fucking river’ … no wait, we don’t own the rivers anymore … and whats left of them are as polluted as fuck! Anyway .. in amongst all that and whilst trying to ‘re-write my personal narrative’ … I decided I needed to extract myself from their parasitical system.

You see, they (the Crown) don’t give a shit about the Indigenous here. They never have. They didn’t come here to cohabitate. That came to Take and annihilate. And they’ve been doing it ever since.

But the ‘my bad’ moment also lies with Us.

We insist on asking them for assistance, like they know better than We do. We’ve become well trained niggahs, who bow and kneel, hoping that we’ll get something good, or won’t get a beating … that ‘these white folks must know what they’re doing …’

But they don’t. They’re cruel, cunning and lazy.

And I am not interested in being part of that system anymore. They’re not interested in what we have to say and they steal the ideas that benefit them and expect the rest for free.

Soooo …. in this rather long mindfulness thoughting process … I say ‘Fuck the Crown’ … ‘Fuck the Norms’ … ‘Fuck the Freebies’ and ‘Fuck anything that would hold a niggah down’.

Homie don’t play that one any more.