does it …

try asking for help & you can’t get a word out.

yup. its sucks rotten balls.

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ensuing commentary

shrink:      so how would you describe yourself, emotionally?

me:        ahhh, bit of a retard

shrink:      oh dear … ah, so we don’t use that word anymore

*resounding silence*

i look up from my now cold coffee cup

me:        whose “we”?

shrink:        well, ‘we’, is our society

*seriously prolonged eeeeeee at the end of society*

duly noted …

me:       well ‘You’ society fuckers have yet to include me in your club so your “we” doesn’t apply to me.          .retard.

*stoney silence as shrink makes notes relating to ‘anti-social behaviour’*

me, in my head:      fuck you cunt. bet “we” don’t use that word either !




on other peoples blogs / posts / twitter / ig, ‘Fuck’ appears as




f**k (excuse my language).


do they not know how to spell fuck?

thats it. ’twas a joke. IKR.




art: print [2016]

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